Do’s and Don’ts of nail care


Have a close look at your fingernails. Do they look fine and healthy? We love to take care of our various features, so why not nails?  Biting nails is unhealthy.

It makes the skin around your nails feel sore and leads to abnormal-looking nails.

Taking care of your nails requires tiny efforts. It is advised to keep a short length of nails and clean with water properly.

Having good looking clean nails gives you an extra boost of confidence all over the day.

We do all the work with the help of the grip of our nails so giving them care is our responsibility. 

Why is nail care important?

  • It improves the appearance of your hands and feet by keeping them healthy and clean. 

  • Keeping them short will help you to avoid injury and infection. 

  • Improve your health. For example, when your nails start looking unhealthy it indicates that you might need to visit the doctor. There may be an allergy developing.


1. Keep using moisturizer on your nails:

Moisturizer is a secret to healthy skin. Dry and rough nails can feel rough and cause injuries.

They are in need of moisturizer so keep using proper moisturizer to keep them well and good looking.

While applying lotion to your hands, give extra attention to your nails. There are many moisturizing nail products available nowadays.

2. Treat your nails as same as you treat your hair:

People always care about their hair and hairstyle because our hair represents our personality.

Exactly the same, our nails play a vital role in our life. When we are sitting in a gathering or in an interview our nails should always be clean and shiny.

3. Take care of your cuticles:

To prevent infection it is important to keep your cuticles clean.

After cutting the cuticle it is easy for germs and bacteria to get inside which leads to an infection. You can easily clean your cuticles at home.

The easiest and most comfortable way to keep them clean is to soak your hands and feet in warm soapy water for almost 10-15 minutes.

This will soften the cuticles and make your nails clean and healthy.

Keep massaging cuticles with oil and moisturizer which will prevent them from cracking and dryness.

4. Shape your nails well:

Keep your nails short in length by cutting them once a week.

If you are trying to grow them, cut them gently and give them a fine shape for better growth.

Applying nail polish is not going to harm your nails but you should give a break on a polish period.

5. Applying basecoat:

Applying a base coat gives a protective thin layer on your skin that prevents your nails from getting damaged and stained.

Providing a thick layer of basecoat on your nails enhances the colour of the nail polish. Your nails will look beautiful and shiny. Never scratch your nail polish harshly.

It is the worst thing you can do with your nails. It makes the surface of your nail scratchy and rough looking.


1. Harsh nail polish:

Paraben and sulfate filled nail colours are bad for your nails and the skin surrounding them.

Try to avoid nail paints as they contain chemicals and artificial colours.

But if you wish to apply sometime you can use natural and chemical-free nail paint.

Never use old nail polish as the texture of it makes it less likely to bind well on your nails. Peeling off nail polish is like peeling off a layer of your nail with it.

This leads to weakening your nails, looks bad and can be painful.

2. Using them as a tool:

People often use their nails as a tool to scratch parcels, clean remote or keyboard and so on.

Long nails are good to scrape all the dust inside your nose but it sounds unhygienic.

For the sake of your health please avoid using your nails as a tool.

The dirt gets inserted into your nails and if you are not willing to clean your hands frequently you might end up eating that dust with your meal.

3. Give them some rest:

It is important to give your nails some rest and let them breathe too.

Avoid using nail paint and other cosmetics containing harmful chemicals.

Just like us, our nails also need rest from harmful cosmetics. If you reapply nail polish right after removing it, consider giving them a break.

Don't apply nail colour for a long time. Remove it some time to give fresh air to your nails.

4. Never bite your nails:

Biting nails seems like a perfect stress reducer. But doing this means you are doing some serious damage.

Biting nails weaken your nails and cause serious problems like the formation of fungus and bacteria which can lead to serious illness.

It can also make the skin around your nails feel sore and also damage the tissue that makes nails grow. 

5. Never cut your cuticles:

Always keep in mind never cut your cuticles. They work like protection for your nails.

Cutting them leads to irritation and infection.

If you cut the cuticle the space is wide open anything like dust or harmful things can get inside which may hurt you.

If you are cutting cuticles it means your nails will be unprotected from bacteria and fungus.


Nails are a precious part of our body and play a vital role in our daily life.

They reveal clues to our overall health. So regular hand and foot care are important for good hygiene and wellness.

Avoid tight shoes and artificial nails as well. 

Now that you have gathered enough information on nail care, you can easily pamper your nails and keep them healthy.

Have a happy nail care experience! 

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