How To Conceal Dark Circles With Makeup – 6 Pro Tips


In the modern world, it is inevitable that you have to look at a screen for a long time, be it your laptop or smartphone.

As many of us know, too much time spent viewing a screen can tire your eyes too much.

Not only does it cause damage to your eyes, but it also causes dark circles.

Surely, we do not need to elaborate on how much of a headache dark circles can be.

But alas, makeup is always there to save your day! Here is a guide on how to conceal dark circles with the help of makeup!

Dark Circles - What Causes Them?

There might be a number of causes for dark circles, ranging from fatigue to maturing skin.

However, most of the time they do not require any medical attention.

Before we get to know how to hide dark circles under eyes, let us take a brief look at what causes dark circles.

  • Lack of sleep:  We got you there, didn’t we? Many of us are familiar with this cause. Lack of sleep, fatigue, staying up late, and other activities of the same kind can cause dark circles to appear under your eyes.
  • Ageing:  As you grow older, your skin will lose its natural collagen, thus becoming saggy and dark. This is because the dark blood vessels under your skin become more visible.
  • Allergic Reaction:  Dryness and allergic reaction could be the cause of the darkened skin under your eyes.
  • Genetics :  Surprisingly, dark circles could be an inherited trait. It can be observed clearly in childhood and in some cases, it slowly disappears as time flows.
  • Overexposure :  UV rays could cause several kinds of damage to your skin and dark circles is another one to add to the list.
  • Dehydration :  When your body is not receiving enough water, your skin tends to become pale and sallow. The same applies to the skin under your eyes.

How to Cover Dark Circles With Makeup?

While dark circles appear out of nowhere, they do not disappear all of a sudden.

One of the best ways to conceal dark circles is to up your makeup game. Here are some simple steps you can follow to conceal dark circles with makeup.

1. De-puff

Many-a-times, dark circles under the eyes can be due to puffy eyes. So naturally, the first step in the process is to de-puff your eyes and get rid of their swollen state.

Using a tea bag can be a great remedy. Other remedies include applying eye packs or using a cold compress.

Once your eye bags have reduced in size, you can work on your makeup routine.

2. Perfect Prime

Applying a primer perfectly is a great start in the process to conceal your dark circles with makeup.

A primer builds a seamless base to build your look and it also helps your makeup last longer.

The longer your makeup stays, the longer your dark circles stay concealed! So choose the right primer for you and get going!

3. Colour Correcting Procedure

Colour correcting is an excellent method by which you can hide discolouration on your skin.

By studying the colours in a colour wheel and choosing the shade, one can balance discolouration and arrive at the perfect tone!

In general, the dark circles under your eyes will have a blueish hue. If you study the colour circle correctly, you’ll find that the shade opposite to blue will be orange tones.

To neutralise the dark circles, you can go for these tones. 

But based on your skin tone and the discolouration under your eyes, the tone of the colour corrector will change.

Here’s a useful guide you can use to find the perfect colour corrector for you!

4. Correct Your Concealer

Now it’s time to perfect your look! Applying the apt concealer for your skin tone is the best way to build a look, so it’s time to whip out your concealer.

Choosing the right shade of concealer is an absolute must because the wrong shade of concealer can spoil your whole look.

Liquid concealer can be the ideal choice when applying it under the eyes, as it is a sensitive spot.

A pro tip while applying colour corrector as well as concealer - use the upside-down triangle technique.

Start applying the corrector/concealer under your eye in a straight line and draw a triangle with one corner pointing to the top of your cheek.

Now blend it well so that the skin under your eye doesn’t appear particularly different in colour.

5. Build the Foundation

Now the most important step - applying an even coat of foundation.

When you apply the perfect shade of foundation that compliments your skin tone, your look will be evened out and flawless.

Also, the right foundation will help you in presenting a complete, smooth finish without any hint of discolouration!

6. Seal the Deal With a Highlighter

This is one of the best tips on how to hide dark circles. If you are aiming for an elegant finish, then don’t forget the highlighter.

Add a bit of shine to your skin and flaunt a seamless, regal look!

Simple Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Tired of figuring out how to conceal dark circles? Then, it’s time to work on getting rid of them permanently!

Below are some simple yet effective home remedies for dark circles that will prove quite effective!

1. Catch the extra z’s -

As you might be familiar, skin discolouration and dark circles are not just about beauty but also about health.

So, the best place to start your journey fighting against dark circles is to get more sleep.

Beauty sleep is a real thing - relax yourself, get into a good mood before you go to bed, and sleep peacefully. You’ll definitely notice considerable changes in a few weeks!

2. Meditation and de-stress -

A continuation of the above point, this technique also is quite helpful in getting rid of your dark circles.

Stress is one of the main causes of dark circles in many people, so try meditation and keep your head cool.

3. Rosewater for golden skin -

Rosewater can work magic on your skin, especially in your dark circles!

Soak two cotton pads in rose water and place them under your eyelids for 15-20 minutes. Follow this every night and see astonishing results!

4. Antioxidants to save the day -

Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice and tomato juice and apply generously under both your eyes.

As both of these citrus fruits contain antioxidants, they help in rejuvenating your skin.

Be careful while applying these juices - contact with your eye can cause intense irritation

5. The ever-famous cucumbers -

Take two large slices of cucumber and place them on your eyes. Now close your eyes and relax for 10-15 minutes.

The freshness of the vegetable and the vitamins present in them help you get rid of your dark circles soon!

6. Improving blood flow -

Eye exercises are quite an effective way to battle dark circles.

These exercises help in the improved rate of blood flow around your eyes, thus keeping your skin fresh and alive.

The Bottom Line

Dark circles can totally damage your look - they make some people self-conscious.

While they are not that big of a problem, there are several ways to conceal your dark circles or reduce their appearance.

We hope that this guide on how to conceal dark circles has helped you!

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