How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair Fast – 9 Hacks


Our hair is one of our defining traits. Be it styling your hair or colouring it. But not all of us have a good-hair day often.

In fact, greasy hair is a common occurrence that leaves us all irritated.

Haunted by an oily scalp and ever-greasy hair? Well, we all have been there too a few times. And, we all have also mulled over how to get rid of greasy hair fast.  

But before we get to that point, shouldn’t we know more about why our hair gets greasy?

Well, we may have some answers to that question.

What Causes Greasy Hair?

One might be thoroughly surprised, but several factors may cause greasy and oily hair, ranging from an unbalanced diet to a dirty pillowcase. 

When you know the cause of your hair's greasiness, you can also understand better how to get rid of greasy hair fast. 

Let us take a look at some of the common causes.

1. Excess Dirt

This can either be caused by pollution or by you touching your hair too much.

We get it, your hair is smooth and silky and you can’t resist touching it.

But that exactly might be the cause why your hair gets greasy quickly.

Also, make sure to wash your pillowcase often. You never know how much dirt and grime you accumulate because of your pillowcase.

2. Unclean Brush

How many of us have the habit of cleaning our hairbrush often? Not many apparently.

Well, now that you know, take up the habit of cleaning your hairbrush to have clean and healthy hair. 

Want to know how? Here’s a guide.

3. Too. Much. Conditioning

Hair conditioners are god’s gifts in disguise. But it might turn out to be a curse for you if you have an oily scalp.

Conditioners help in smoothing your hair and providing the extra moisture you need.

But when you have an already greasy scalp, you definitely don’t need the extra step.

4. Oily Scalp

This might be a bit obvious, but we will explain it anyway. Our scalp produces natural oil to preserve your hair’s good health and strength.

But a little too much is not good, and the same applies to your scalp’s oil-producing abilities.

When there is too much oil in your scalp, it automatically transfers into your hair, making it greasy and dirty.

What Causes An Oily Scalp?

While the other causes for greasy hair can be easily tackled, the ‘oily scalp’ situation has to be analysed in detail.

So, get ready to absorb some information!

There can be many causes for an oily scalp, and as you may know, it will differ from person to person. Here are a few common ones.

1. Stresss

Yes, stress can cause anything and everything. And, not in a positive way. First, it was stress and hair loss, now it is an oily scalp.

When you are too stressed, your brain gets the signal to produce more sebum (the natural oil in your scalp).

And as you can guess, it leads to a greasy scalp.

2. Hormones to Blame

Again, we can blame this on That Time of The Month.

During puberty and Ovulation, a particular hormone named androgen tends to secrete more, and not very surprisingly, it also causes higher secretion of sebum.

One more thing to deal with during periods. Sigh!

3. Not Eating the Right Foods?

Are you munching on oily foods, AGAIN? Well, there is your reason for an oily scalp.

Keen on improving your diet and scalp health? Then, try out these food items.

4. It’s so Humid in Here

When you are sweating your life out during the humid days, your sebaceous glands get the idea to produce more oil. Just like your skin produces more oil.

You can think of the disaster that happens when your sweat mixes with sebum.

5. Passed down like Folk Songs…

As surprising as it is, genetics can be a cause for oily scalp. So, just chill and blame your ancestors for your oily scalp if none of the other causes seems to suit you. 

(Also, kudos to you if you spotted that reference!)

6. Overwashing

While washing your hair often might seem like the best solution ever for an oily scalp, it might also be the cause for an oily scalp.

When you strip your hair and scalp of all the natural oils, then your sebaceous glands might get the idea that they need to produce more and more oils, just to keep you healthy.

7. Uh oh, It’s Dandruff

We are all tired of dandruff and other skin conditions, but what you need to know is that dandruff might be the reason and result of oily scalp.

How to Treat Oily Scalp?

You can find several home remedies for oily scalp, including making different hair masks and applying a variety of household items.

Consider a few of these if you are keen to stay away from an oily scalp.

  • Aloe Vera Hair Pack - Aloe vera is a blessing when it comes to skin and hair care. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this ingredient can help you steer clear of too much oil. Here is a great step-by-step instruction guide on making an aloe vera hair mask.
  • Dry Shampoo - You might have heard this trick quite a few times, but do give it a try. Look out for freshening dry shampoos and feel the change in your scalp quite quickly.
  • Avoid Styling Tools - For some time, give up on your straighteners and curlers. Extra heat and humidity is a cause for oily scalp, so this will come in handy.
  • Speciality Shampoos - There are particular shampoos that are manufactured to treat an oily scalp - they can be quite effective.

How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair Naturally?

Battling with your oily scalp can in itself be a positive step toward grease-free hair.

Still, it is good to keep some tricks in your pockets, just in case you need them.

If you have been pestered with the thought of 'how to get rid of oily hair naturally', then here is your solution for it.

Home Remedies For Oily Hair - How To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Quickly

1. Conditioning in Hair Tips

Conditioning helps, but applying conditioner to your scalp can be a counter-productive action, as it results in more oil.

So stick to conditioning your hair tips so that you can avoid split ends.

2. Find your Rhythm

For some people, washing their hair every day will result in a grease-free scalp. But, the same treatment can cause the opposite effect on other people.

That's why you should try out washing often and observe whether it suits your scalp. If it does, then well and good

If it doesn't, then resort to three washes per week - this assures that no other dirt accumulates in your scalp.

3. All-rounder Apple Cider Vinegar

Trying to achieve soft hair, less oil, and a healthy scalp? Your all-rounder apple cider vinegar is here to help you.

While diluted in correct proportions, this ingredient can keep your scalp's pH balanced and maintain a less greasy scalp.

4. Master Proper Washing

Seems like a childish thing, doesn't it? But still, it is important that you know how to wash and rinse your greasy hair properly if you want to have healthy hair.

5. Gentle Handling

A continuation of the previous point, this is for people who think that scrubbing your scalp can help you get rid of excess sebum.

Avoid that. Be gentle while you wash your hair.

Also, even when you are styling your hair, avoid wearing tight ponytails so that your hair is a bit relaxed and the scalp is not too hurt.

6. Lemon Juice to get rid of Grease

Nothing fancy, just mix a few spoons of lemon juice with water and apply it to your scalp. Make sure that the solution is not too dilute.

The nature of lemon juice helps you get rid of greasy hair while properly nourishing your scalp and preventing dandruff.

7. Avoid Too Many Products

A fan of gels and hair sprays? Well, looks like you need to sacrifice them, at least for a while.

Avoid applying too many products to your hair, and also as mentioned before, stay away from styling tools like straighteners.

8. Witch Hazel - Heard of That?

A potion named Witch Hazel - absolute vibes, isn't it?

To our absolute delight, this oil-slash-potion can alleviate itching and irritation and simultaneously get rid of excess oil in your hair.

9. Rapunzel, Rapunzel…

Let your hair down, yeah. Don't keep your hair tied up always - let it free once in a while.

Too much pressure on your scalp activates your sebaceous gland to produce MORE oil, and we definitely don't want that.

10. Tea Tree Oil Can Help

Look out for shampoos with tea tree oil. This ingredient is highly effective in battling dandruff and keeping your hair light and smooth.

11. Baby Powder Saves The Day

This is an old school trick that might come in handy when you are in a real hurry.

Apply some baby powder on your roots and rub it in gently. All the grease? Just poof.


Getting rid of your oily hair naturally is an easy and simple thing. It's mostly about including changes to your routine and avoiding certain products, like the ones with silicone.

Greasy hair can definitely be a letdown to your confidence and that is why we have given you some effective tips on how to get rid of greasy hair fast.

If you want 5-minute hacks, then take a look here!

We hope you have a grease-free hair week (maybe for a month too!)

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