How to Grow Strong Nails Naturally


Self-care comes in many different ways, and taking care of your body is one of the best ways to do that. Caring for your body might take the form of skincare, haircare, or nail care, among other things.

Nail care is not just about applying the perfect polish or opting for cute nail art.

Nail care is also about keeping your cuticles clean, shaping your nails perfectly, and growing strong nails too.

Well, growing stronger nails is a wonderful course of action rather than wondering about when your brittle claws might fall off.

Here are some wonderful tips on how to grow strong nails naturally!

Why is Nail Care Important?

If we are to wonder why nail care is important, then it totally depends on our personal preferences. For some people, it might be about having presentable hands, while for others it could be about a relaxing routine.

Still, there are some benefits to be reaped out of a proper nail care routine.

  • Keeping your nails healthy can contribute to your overall health. If you spot any signs that your nails are unhealthy, then it might be a sign that your overall health is declining.
  • By having an effective nail care routine, you can have strong, healthy nails. With the help of a good nail kit, take care of your nails because it might come in handy one day!
  • What if you keep munching on your nails and they start to bleed? Well, they will cause infection and unprecedented health issues. Avoid this by building a nail care routine.
  • If you are interested in keeping your hands squeaky clean and perfectly beautiful, then nail care is the way to go!
  • Imagine this. A nice weekend with a relaxing routine where you can take care of your body and chill out. Sounds enticing? Then why not take up nail care?
  • Last but not least, having healthy and long nails can help in boosting your self-confidence!

Building a Simple Nail Care Routine

Be it for the goal of strengthening nails or for a pampering session, building a good nail care routine is always a good place to start.

It doesn't hurt to know that there aren’t many steps involved in the process!

1. Start with Cleaning

Nail care is not different from other forms of self-care - it starts with a thorough cleanse.

If you have an old coating of paint on your nails, then start with removing them with a quality nail polish remover.

In the case that your nails are free of polish, then start with a hand wash - it doesn’t hurt to keep your hands and nails clean, does it?

2. Next Comes Shaping

Shaping your nails can be done either with filing tools or a nail clipper. You can shape your nails in a wide range of shapes ranging from almond-shaped to square-shaped.

If you are not sure how to file your nails properly, then here is an effective guide on how to file your nails properly.

Clipping your nails is also a crucial task, so make sure you know how to do so before you act!

3. Pay Attention to your Cuticles

Your cuticles safeguard your nails and keep them healthy and clean. So, it goes without saying that you need to pay close attention to your cuticles and maintain them properly.

Carefully trim your cuticles - take a simple and gentle approach instead of clipping them away recklessly.

You can also opt to use cuticle oil for the best results.

4. Paint to your Heart’s Desire

Many people are very fond of painting their nails in vivid shades and interesting patterns, so what’s stopping you?

Once your nails have been properly cleaned and filed, start applying your favourite nail polish and sparkle!

Some people also love to go without any extra sheen, and it's perfectly understandable too.

You can either keep your nails bare or opt for a nude shade for better effect.

How To Grow Strong Nails Naturally - Effective Hacks

Before we get on to the main point, know there’s a difference between growing strong nails and strengthening your nails.

While the former is about starting from the roots, the latter is about adopting some habits so that your nails stay strong and healthy.

Still not sure about which will work for you? Don’t fret, we have tips and tricks that’ll help you in both cases!

Growing Strong Nails Naturally - How it Works

1. Build a Nail Care Routine

Growing strong nails start with building a proper nail care routine. Follow the guide we have given above and start your journey on growing strong nails!

2. Stop Biting

We get it, you tend to get stressed and you take it out on your nails. Apparently, 20% of the adult population have the habit of biting nails.

But if you ask us if it's doing any good for your nail health, then we have to shake our heads.

One of the important steps in growing naturally strong nails is to stop biting them and letting them grow.

Try wearing nail polish or working on elaborate nail art so that you will not get the urge to bite them.

Another way to stop biting your nails is to apply a nail strengthening serum.

This provides double benefit as it strengthens your nails while simultaneously preventing you from tearing them off.

3. Watch your Diet

What you eat plays a crucial role in determining your overall health, which also includes your nails.

Biotin is a vitamin that aids in the growth of healthy nails, and you can find several ways in which you can add it to your diet.

Also, make sure to include foods rich in iron, protein, and magnesium for better results.

Here are some vitamins and nutrients that you can include in your diet to have healthier nails!

4. Opt for Supplements

If your diet is not enough to promote nail growth, then you can think about opting for vitamin supplements.

The best supplement for nail growth is obviously biotin supplements.

You can also try out other supplements like keratin and collagen supplements to see better results.

5. Choose the Right Products

Think about this - we use a variety of tools and products on our nails, ranging from nail polishes to nail oils.

Don’t you think it’s crucial to choose products that contain only the right ingredients?

When you are opting for care products for your nails, make sure that they do not contain any harmful chemicals.

For example, instead of choosing a regular nail polish remover, you can go for a non-acetone product.

6. Cuticle Oils and other Useful Health Products

Cuticle oils will be extremely helpful for you if you have been wondering how to grow strong nails naturally.

They keep your cuticles healthy and promote the growth of nails. 

You can also find moisturisers and a few other products that will be beneficial in helping you to promote nail growth.

How To Strengthen Your Nails - Simple Nail Care Tips That Work

1. Have a Break

While beautiful nails can boost your confidence, it is advised to keep your nails free of products a few days a week.

The more chemicals you apply to your nails, the higher the chance of them becoming brittle.

2. Drink more Water

Skincare, haircare, nail care…be it any problem related to your body, water is probably one of the remedies.

Drinking more water retains moisture in your nails, preventing brittle nails.

3. Keep ‘em Short

Long nails are savvy and sexy, but consider this - the longer your nails, the higher the chance of your nails breaking off.

A bit tragic, isn’t it?

Well, it doesn’t hurt to have short nails, does it? Keep them short, keep them clean and healthy!

4. Avoid Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are easy, simple, and wonderful. But did you know that these nails could cause your natural nails to peel and break off?

We are not suggesting that you never use acrylic nails, of course.

Try using them as little as possible so that their negative effects are reduced.

5. Stay away from Chemicals

Not just skincare products, but in general, make sure to stay away from harsh chemicals as they can cause severe damage to your skin, and also to your nails.

You can start with simple steps like wearing gloves while dishwashing and using mild shampoos.

6. Nails are not Openers

Do not use your nails to open any cans or lids. Avoid using them as a substitute for anything - they are just nails, and they might not be not as strong as they seem.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, nails tend to become weak and brittle - it’s not just a beauty thing, but also a health concern.

That’s one of the main reasons why growing strong nails is important.

These tips on how to grow strong nails naturally will definitely help you immensely and benefit you!

If you know more tips, let us know in the comments!

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