How To Make Eyebrows Look Thicker


Bushy eyebrows are a dream for many - with the trend right now leaning towards thicker eyebrows and dreary lashes, many are trying all possible means to make theirs look pretty and buff.

But how to make eyebrows look thicker, especially if you don’t have much thickness naturally?

Is it possible to opt for makeup techniques, or are there ways by which you can grow thicker eyebrows?

Well, you’ll find answers to these questions in this article!

7+ Tips on How to Make Eyebrows Look Thicker

With Makeup

Here are some really cool tips on how to make your eyebrows look thicker with makeup.

1. Brow Powders are Wonderful Inventions

When you are in the process of growing your eyebrows back after a good trim, you will feel impatient about the uneven finishes.

If you are looking forward to increasing the volume of your brow without much hard work, then brow Powders are a blessing for you!

Pick a good, waterproof brow powder and touch up well in the spots that you feel need filling.

When done right, this gives a perfectly voluminous look to your eyebrows.

2. Tinted Eyebrow Gel For The Go

Thin and reedy brows are not a favourite of many.

At the same time, it takes time for your brows to grow back, and for some people it never does.

That's where tinted eyebrow gels come in to save the day. To apply this product right, start from the upper side of the arch of your brow and slowly ease towards the end.

You can also add some eyeshadow to the mix if you need a refined look

3. Pair up Your Pencil with a Brow Mascara

If you are keen on knowing how to make eyebrows look thicker with makeup, then this will surely come in handy for you.

First, brush your brow hairs upward for better results.

Now with a proper eyebrow pencil, draw short, straight lines that look like actual brow hairs.

For added effect and depth, pair this up with brow mascara. Now, no more worries about thin eyebrows and hair gaps!

4. Brush, then Powder

Before you use your gel, pencil, or powder, make sure to brush your hairs upright with soft and sturdy strokes. 

You can try opting for two shades of pencils or powders. This will contribute to a more dramatic effect, and compliment your whole ensemble.

Without Makeup

Looking for tips on how to make eyebrows look thicker without makeup? We might have a few tricks up our sleeve!

1. Professional Tinting Treatment

Sometimes, these things are better when left to a professional.

If you are interested more in professional tweaking, then the tinting treatment might work well for you.

The professional will tint your eyebrows with the apt coloured dye, thus giving you the perfect, polished look you crave!

2. Stop Threading and Waxing

Not sure about how to make eyebrows look thicker without involving some complex process?

Then, abandoning your former practices can help. 

Waxing involves the usage of chemicals, and threading usually leaves you with eyebrows that are too thin and patchy.

This is why you should consider taking up tweezing.

3. Master the Right Technique

Now that we have convinced you on tweezing, it is important to know the right methods and techniques.

First of all, check your lighting. If you feel that you are experiencing too many shadows, then make sure to position your light in such a way that you can see your brows clearly.

Never tweeze more than one hair at a time. Use a good tweezer and be patient while you are sculpting your brow.

4. Brow Renovation Serums Help

While some serums are not just the right ones, there are some wonderful eyebrow serums that boost your hair growth and increase the volume incredibly.

Enriched with ingredients like natural extracts, antioxidants, etc., these serums can help you boost your eyebrow hair growth naturally.

Remember, you'll have to apply the serum once or twice a day, continuously for several weeks and months.

Only then will you be able to see a considerable change in volume!

4 Tips on How to Grow Thicker Eyebrows

We often concentrate on keeping our eyebrows perfectly in shape, but do we really care about our eyebrows?

Sometimes, all we do is tweeze and pluck now and then, and then we expect it to be thick and healthy.

Well, seems a bit irrational, doesn't it? That's why we suggest that you try growing your eyebrows thicker.

Seems like a foreign concept? Well, it is not! Just like accelerating better hair growth, one can also boost hair growth in the eyebrow region. 

Here are some tips on how to grow thicker eyebrows and retain them for a long time!

1. A Plethora of Oils

Castor oil, coconut oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, and olive oil - these are the oils that can assist you in gaining a thick, bushy brow with healthy hair growth.

Before using any of these oils on your brows, make sure to try a patch test.

All of these oils have been proven to exhibit great effects on overall health and hair growth, so what are you waiting for?

2. Calm Down Buddy

Yes, you need to calm down. People weren't kidding when they said stress leads to hair loss.

Apparently, stress also leads to loss of eyebrow hair in some cases.

Take a break, have a relaxing bath, get a massage - give yourself some you-time and release all the pent up stress and pressure. You'll feel wonderful once you have loosened up!

3. Eyebrow Massages are Totally a Thing™

If you are really eager to speed up your hair growth in the eyebrow area, then opt for massages often.

Similar to normal massages, this ritual can involve one of the above-mentioned oils so as to amplify the process.

Also, an eyebrow massage is something that feels extremely good and relaxing.

4. Proper Grooming Helps

When you get ready for tweezing, plucking, or any other eyebrow grooming, make sure that you are doing it right.

Even one wrong movement can spoil the whole structure of your brows, so know your tricks before you jump in!

The Bottom Line:

It's not enough if you know how to make eyebrows look thicker, but you should also be aware of how to keep your eyebrows in shape.

Take care of your brows with the right products, and you'll be able to see astonishing changes within a few months!

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