How to remove mascara without makeup remover?


We all love doing makeup and most importantly, we love to give a nice look to our eye makeup.

If there was a poll for the most popular makeup product I think mascara would top the list.

It is an essential product that shapes and highlights the beauty of eyelashes. Removing mascara without makeup remover seems to be hard.

But using a makeup cleanser may weaken your eyelashes as every product is made with chemicals.

Why is it important to remove mascara?


People come to their homes after a long hectic day and get into bed without removing mascara.

You know that regularly washing eyes is important for maintaining healthy eyelashes and eyes too.

But most people feel lazy to remove mascara which they don't know leads to serious eye allergy or cause lashes to fall.

Given below is a brief description of why is it important to remove mascara.

• Eye Irritation:


Mascara is made with chemicals like paraffin, iron oxide pigment or any kind of harmful ingredient which can harm your eyes as makeup particles rub over the pillow and get into your eyes.

Sleeping with mascara can cause infection, irritation or any kind of eye problem.

Leaving mascara overnight can cause eye cysts.

• Eyelash Issues:

People who constantly sleep with mascara may cause lashes to fall off as it dries and clumps overnight.

Never sleep with mascara, always remove it before sleeping. You can remove mascara without removing eyelashes with the help of water or cotton.

You can use this way easier to wipe away your mascara on nights when you are too tired or lazy to cleanse it properly.

Tips to Remove Mascara Without Makeup Remover

1. Rinse with water


Wash your face and eyes gently with water without any soap and face wash to remove mascara without makeup remover.

Slowly rub your eyelashes with two fingers.

After this, it will be easy and a lot less harsh to remove it. This is my personal trick which I am sharing with you. 

2. Use a soft hanky


Once you have rinsed your eyes with water.

Take a soft hanky or cotton to remove mascara naturally. Slowly wipe to remove it completely.

It will remove easily as you have washed it with water and when water mixes with products they break down into small particles.

Will waterproof mascara finally come off?

Removing waterproof makeup is a little bit hard. As we all love long-lasting makeup.

Waterproof mascara is a rescuer for sweaty summer days. waterproof mascara is hard to remove as compared to regular mascara.


It is difficult to remove. As it is made to provide resistance to water, washing the face and rubbing mascara to remove can take a lot of time.

But don't worry waterproof mascara can remove easily by using natural products and by making mascara remover at home.

So the question that always triggers in our minds is how to remove waterproof mascara.

If you know how to remove waterproof mascara in a way that won't shed your eyelashes or cause any irritation or allergy in your eyes try the following steps -

Step 1: Saturate a cotton ball or a soft cloth in the oil of your choice.

Step 2: Close your eyes and gently place the cotton on your eyelashes then slowly apply some pressure so that the underside of the eyelashes are pressed against the cotton.

Step 3: Hold the lashes for 10-15 seconds so that oil dissolve the mascara.

Step 4: Slowly swipe the lashes with the cotton ball which will completely rinse off the mascara.

Have you ever thought of making your own mascara remover at home? Yes, it is possible and far better than market products that contain harmful chemicals. 

Ingredients to make mascara remover at home:

  • Olive oil or Jojoba oil
  • No Tear Baby Shampoo and Witch Hazel (available at drugstores).

Mix all the ingredients well and use them with q tips or cotton balls.

Here are some simple ways to remove mascara naturally:

  • Soaking it with water works better than makeup wipes

  • Use cotton pads 

  • Always use hypoallergenic products rather than a harmful ineffective makeup remover.

  • Use coconut oil or baby oil to remove mascara naturally

Dos and Don'ts of Removing Waterproof Mascara



  1. 1
    Use a moisturiser or oil to remove mascara naturally.
  2. 2
    You can use milk as a DIY makeup remover.
  3. 3
    Use a clean tissue to remove mascara.


  1. 1
    Avoid using fragrance and alcohol-based products.
  2. 2
    Don't rub your eyelashes.
  3. 3
    Don't be harsh or hurry to take off waterproof mascara without makeup remover.
  4. 4
    Don't use tools to remove mascara.

Best Mascara for Perfect Eyelashes

There are so many mascaras that give a perfect look. But here we can talk about a few of them.

Given below is a brief explanation of the best mascara.

Waterproof Mascara:

Loreal voluminous waterproof mascara: It is one of the best mascaras under budget which is smudge-free and highlights the beauty of your eyelashes.

Chanel inimitable waterproof mascara: It gives everything in just one touch. It shapes and makes your eyelashes soft.

MAC waterproof mascara: I am sure you will fall in love with this waterproof mascara as it is non-smudging and gives curves and shape to your eyelashes.

Colorbar Zoom and Whoosh Mascara: To add that perfect and fine touch to your eyelashes, this mascara works best. While using this mascara you will never deal with smearing and flaking.


As I have mentioned above why removing mascara is important.

Using makeup remover to remove mascara has no guarantee that the product will not weaken your eyelashes.

You should use products with care by checking the ingredients and using natural or herbal cosmetics.

In this article, I have given a brief explanation of different products, tips, hacks and how to remove mascara without makeup remover.

If I would like to share my preference with you I will suggest you use coconut oil to remove mascara naturally. 

Now I hope you have gathered enough information from this piece of article. Eyelashes are a part of our eyes and God has gifted our eyes as a most precious gift.

So taking care of them is a must.

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