How to style frizzy hair without heat


Styling frizzy hair becomes difficult most of the time. Handling frizzy hair is irritating and cumbersome.

Of course, you also love your hair and want to take care of them. Our hairstyling plays a crucial role in our personality so why one should not treat them well.

Frizzy hair can damage our hair growth and become unhealthy-looking hair.

So the main question is what to do with this frizzy hair. Let's go with simple changes that we can follow in our daily routine.

In our daily life, we can face problems with frizzy hair. Here are some tips that can help you properly manage frizzy hair.

Always Wash Your Hair Properly

There are two golden rules that one must follow to style frizzy hair without heat.

  • The best way is to use a shampoo that has no chemicals and apply shampoo only to your scalp.
  • Applying conditioner only at the end of your hair. Which gives a nice smooth texture to your frizzy hair without heat.

To turn out frizzy hair without heat or curly hair in smooth straight hair can take time but protect your hair from harmful chemicals and heat that damages hair.

However, there are many methods that one can use to treat frizzy hair without heat. Coconut milk can be the best option to style frizzy hair without heat.

You just need to apply coconut milk for only ten minutes just like a conditioner and after washing let them dry naturally.

This will give an unbelievable result to your frizzy hair without heat and soften the curls.

Whether you have frizzy hairs naturally or hairs that cannot be balanced whenever you try to straighten them.

Hairstyles for Wavy Hair for Party:

1. French braid

A smooth french braid is a perfect style frizzy hair for party. There are many other ways to braid hair but I find this one easiest and coolest on my hair to style frizzy hair for party.

2. Side pony

Ponytails are never out of fashion and this style is suitable from a formal interview to a casual party.

This can save your time as a ponytail just take 5-10 minutes and this can be the best style frizzy hair for party.

Use the Dior ponytail look and be free and easy to use hairspray to keep frizz away.

3. Twisted bun

It is an easy and time-saving option that works when you are in hurry and gives you a fine style frizzy hair for party.

It is easy to roll up hairs in a bun that surely hide your frizzy hair and looks awesome.

4. Half Bun

It works on every hair length and texture. Best for frizzy style hairstyles. Frizz looks wavy in this style.

5. Boho Updo

It looks incredible and suitable to make. the best part is that frizzy style hairstyles do not require the need of any hot tool like a straightener or dryer.

5. Sky-High Ponytail

A mega high ponytail looks beautiful. This frizz friendly frizzy style hairstyles takes only 3-5 minutes and is comfortable too.

On busy days, you will have to wash your hair early morning and then leave them without drying.

Your hair will take a long time to dry on its own. Would that be fine?

Not yet but using a hairdryer also damages hair roots. So. what can one do to avoid curly hair?

I usually try different experiments to style curly hair. Many girls are still hesitant about leaving their natural hair on their wedding day.

Curly hair can be beautiful but how you manage them is important. There are many ways to style curly hair that turn into a beautiful look. 

Celebrities with curly hair

The beauty of curly hair is unique. Style curly hair is a little bit hard as binding up bouncy curly hair requires a lot of time.

But curly hair is ruling the fashion industry right now. 

Here are some style curly hair tips that you can learn from famous celebrities who are stunning in curly hair.

Tapsee Pannu  

  • Keep it messy -Just like Tapsee Pannu looks gorgeous in a messy bun. It will fit best both in formal and casual wear. This is one of the best style curly hair ideas that you can also 
  • Space buns - if you are wearing a saree or any other traditional outfit style curly hair with bun gives a new and outstanding style.
  • Low ponytail - it will look different and gorgeous, especially on western and sports outfits. Low ponytail style curly hair is easy and time-saving style looks stunning.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana has stolen many hearts with her beautiful style curly hair. Her natural curls are bouncy and are in a huge amount.

She says that my curly hairs are my personality and she loves it. 

Messy curls look beautiful on medium length. This is an easy way to style curly hair.

Just apply some smootheningcream after a shower. Dry your curls naturally.

Once your hair gets dry comb them and spray an anti-humidity hairspray on your curls to finish.


Using the right product is important to style frizzy hair. This article helps you to style frizzy hair and how to remove frizz and take care of your hair.

Nobody can control the weather but you can change the way you treat your hair, so less frizz occurs.

When you are picking a product the question trigger in your kind is what type of hair do you have. If you have frizzy hair I would recommend you a smooth and silky collection of Tresemme.

It has different products such as hair spray for frizz control, shampoo, conditioner, hair gel to style wavy hair.

Now I hope you have gathered enough information from this article. You can treat your hair well and keep them healthy. 

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