How to Take Care of Dyed Hair


Did you know that several Feminist studies emphasise the significance of the role that hair plays in the perception of a woman?

Scholars tend to agree that women’s hair has been a sensitive tool used by society to control them.

On a lighter note, styling our hair in the way we want gives us confidence, and this effect is compounded when it comes to females.

Colouring our hair in bold colours is one of the best ways to express ourselves, and many of us have taken this to our hearts. 

But how many of us know how to take care of dyed hair? Well, we got you there!

Things You Should Know Before Dying Your Hair

Dying your hair at home is a really handy act - no need to consult a specialist and debate over what's the best choice for you. 

But before you know about the various aspects of aftercare for dyed hair, it is important to look out for some things (on the chance that you have not dyed your hair already).

Make sure to consider these points before you dye your hair in your favourite colour!

1. Don't trust the model

No, seriously, the model that appears in the advertisement is not the best person to trust when it comes to different colours, textures, or anything.

Chances are high that they got an extremely sophisticated hair treatment before they appeared in the ad.

So, while choosing a colour, refer to the colour guide and make choices.

2. Visit a professional

When you choose a new colour, it is better if you make an appointment with a professional.

We know we are contradicting what we said earlier, but consider this - what if the colour you have chosen doesn't go well with your natural hair and ends up being a disaster?

Scary isn't it? That's why it is better to trust a professional.

3. A Patch test is a must

Apart from the fact that the colour you chose might not compliment you, there is a chance that the product might induce some weird scalp reactions.

4. Prepare your hair

Before you apply your brand-new colour, make sure that your hair is rid of any products that you used before.

Opt for a thorough wash the day before you get your hair dyed, and follow it up with deep moisturising. 

But on the day of the actual colouring, don't shampoo. It just reduces the actual effect of the dye.

How to Take Care of Coloured Hair - 8 Useful Tricks

Wondering how to keep your dyed hair healthy and shiny? Well, it is not much of a hard task.

Just taking a few precautions and following the right routine can help you immensely.

Keen on knowing some insider information on how to treat coloured hair at home?

Here are some hacks that'll help you in the aftercare for dyed hair.

1. Conditioner is Your Best Friend

Not just after dyeing, but in general, conditioners work magic on your hair. But in this condition, they are definitely your best ally.

After colouring, your hair tends to get fragile and brittle because of the foreign element. So, applying conditioners help you repair hair damage.

Also, conditioners play a key role in retaining the colour for a long time in your hair.

It's a win-win situation for you - healthy hair and a long-lasting effect!

2. Say No to Sulphates and Alcohols

When you wash your hair a few days after the whole dyeing process, go for shampoos that are safe for coloured hair.

Low sulphate or no-sulphate should be your option as sulphate washes away the colour from your hair pretty quickly.

Also, keep an eye out for alcoholic ingredients in your shampoo.

Alcohol in general is a dehydrating agent, and you really don't want your hair to dry and break out when you have just got a new colour.

3. Be Patient and Gentle

The temptation to wash your hair right after you have dyed hair is high. Yeah, we know. 

But the point is, you shouldn't wash your hair for the next 2-3 days.

The reason is simple - the lesser you wash your hair after dyeing, the longer it stays.

If you are looking forward to showing off your new hair colour for some time, then avoid frequent washes.

Also, while you wash and brush your hair, make sure to be gentle.

Any rough handling leads to loss of colour, and we're sure you're not keen to lose the newfound freedom any time soon.

4. The Natural Way

In this fast-paced world, we are dependent on technology to a worrying level. The point is, aren't we all fond of our dryers, blowers, straighteners, and curlers?

Well, if you have dyed your hair recently, then you should stay away from the above-mentioned tools.

Heat treatment on your hair is not that good in general, but it is worse when it comes to coloured hair.

So, if you are keen on following the right aftercare routine for dyed hair, then let your hair air-dry.

5. UV Protection is a Must

UV rays are not damaging just your skin, but your hair too.

The damage risk is high when your hair is dyed, as your colour could fade away easily under the harsh rays of the Sun.

This is why you should opt for UV protection.

You can find sprays and serums that help your hair stay protected under harsh conditions.

6. Cheers to Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Did you know that you can keep your dyed hair healthy by opting for a special diet? Well, we're thrilled too!

As your hair needs all the oils and conditioning it needs, make sure it include foods with omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. 

Also, Vitamin E is your hair's best friend - the nutrient helps your hair stay strong and shiny!

7. Hair Masks Help

If conditioning is that important, why not notch it up a bit more. Looking for a reason to wind up and chill?

Then, take up the task of making a hair mask for your dyed hair!

With the right ingredients in your hair mask, you can retain the shine and lustre of your lovely hair and enjoy the feel of silky strands!

8. Touch-ups and Trimming

Not all of us are blessed with hair that grows fast. But, that specific quality might be a bit of a hindrance when it comes to coloured hair. 

When your hair grows out quickly, then your original roots are going to show up. Well, that might be a bit awkward, isn't it?

If you're wondering what's the best way to go about this, then touch-ups are the solution for you.

Plan out a routine with your hairstylist to work out how often you should get touch-ups.

Also, trim your hair often to maintain the perfect style!

A few other pro tips…

  • Wash your hair in lukewarm or cold water. Stay away from hot water as it causes immense damage to your dyed hair.
  • If you are sporting bright colours and are worried about colour fade, then a tiny bit of dye to your conditioner and enjoy the restored colour.
  • Try out dry shampoos and leave-in conditioners to ensure better conditioning.
  • While swimming, make sure to condition beforehand and wear a cap to avoid contact with chlorine.

The Bottom Line

While many people are eager to colour their hair, not many know to take care of dyed hair.

With the help of this guide, you can follow the right aftercare for dyed hair and keep your hair smooth and lustrous for a long time after you’ve coloured it!

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