Nail Art for Beginners – How to do Nail Art at Home?


All of us need a flash of colour and inspiration now and then in our lives. And isn't art a great way to splash beauty?

Nail art, often mistaken for the same old nail polishing, isn't just about painting your nails.

It is about creating swirling colours, enchanting patterns, and abstract shapes in your nails, with the apt tools. 

Nail art for beginners can be a bit complex at first, but practice makes perfect! With the right techniques, tools, and ideas, you can master this art easily and quickly!

Nail Art For Beginners Supplies - The Must Have

One of the most asked questions by many nail art enthusiasts is this - how to do nail art at home, without much strain or spending too much?

Well, this guide on nail art for beginners will help you create exciting designs and wonderful patterns of nail art!

There is a small collection of tools you’ll need to get hold of before you start your journey in the nail art realm.

Take a look at this list of tools that’ll help you get started on nail art!

1. The Polish Remover

The nail polish remover shines in a myriad of situations - if you want to start fresh and get rid of your old polish, if you want to clean up the mess you have made, or if you just feel like starting over a few times, the polish remover will help you!

While non-acetone nail polish removers are good for your nail’s strength and health, they tend to be not-so-effective on glitter and other decorations.

So before you choose your nail polish remover, make sure to debate over your choices!

2. Clippers, Files, and Others

Nail art is not just about swirling lovely patterns and colours on your nails, rather it is also about making sure that your nails are perfectly groomed before the whole process.

In fact, nail art can be considered a part of a nail care routine.

So, equip yourselves with all the necessary tools that help you in shaping your nails perfectly - the clippers to get off uneven edges, the files to file your nails perfectly, and nail buffers for a finalised and smooth finish!

3. Base Coating

While many of us just focus on applying a single coat of shiny polish on our nails, it is advised that you go for at least two or three coats.

The base coat of nail polish smoothes out the surface of your nail, readying it for the additional layers to come.

One important thing you need to keep in mind about the base coat is that you need to keep it thin. 

If the base coat is heavy, then there is a high chance the layers and designs to come will make the whole art structure heavy and messy.

Now, choose your favourite colour and pop off the base coat in a bold stroke!

4. Top Coat to top it off

After the base coat comes the main coating or the art part of the nail art process.

Once your second coat is done and dusted, and you have let your creative side loose, it is time for you to take out the top coat polish.

Wondering why you need it? Well, the top coat protects your nail art from external environments and keeps it shiny and gleaming.

But, one has to be careful while applying the top coat as it tends to shrink up as it dries. Know the right technique, apply the top coat perfectly, and let your art glow!

5. Brushes - A Variety of Them

Think of an artist's collection of brushes - from flaring flat brushes to pointed detailing brushes, they tend to have quite a range of tools that help them in creating a wide range of designs ranging from simple strokes to intrinsic detailing.

Guess what? The same goes for your nail art!

It may be easy nail art for beginners or intense patterns created by a professional, every nail art enthusiast needs a complete set of nail art brushes.

Here is a small guide on the types of brushes and how to use them effectively.

6. Sticker and Stencil Packs

Think of how good it would be to just find designs and art pieces you love and stick them on your nails. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

Well, that’s what nail stickers are for! Nail stickers are a real godsend - with a design on one side and an adhesive on the other, these stickers help you in achieving the perfect style you are looking for!

You can simply apply a bright base coat, paste a truly stunning sticker, and get done with your nail art at home!

There is a wide range of stickers available for this purpose, ranging from subtle floral patterns to abstract designs to curious colour options!

If you have been wondering how to do nail art, know that this is also an efficient and cost-effective way to go about decorating your nails.

Another great way of simplifying your nail art process is opting for a nail art stencil.

A stencil in its manner and matter, you can use these to recreate interesting patterns! 

Just place your nail stencils after your base coat has dried, get going with the next coating (use a detailing brush), and then remove the stencil with a pair of tweezers.

Now, your nail art is all ready to demand attention!

7. Nail Art Pens and Intricate Designs

Perfect for the true artist, nail art pens are the ones for you if you are a master of drawing and painting.

With nail art pens, you can achieve original and intriguing designs that spring right out of your mind!

First of all, let your base coat or your second coat of polish dry well. Then, choose the right art pen and get creative!

Polka dots, stripes, and abstract designs are easily done with the help of these pens.

The advantage of using nail art pens over a dotting tool or a set of art brushes is that they offer you more control over what you create.

8. Decorative Items to Beautify

Are you a fan of glitz and glamour? Then, it is time to explore the decorations you can include in your nail art kit!

Nail art is all about decorating your nails however you want them, so why not add a bit of glitter?

There are a lot of decorative options to choose from, ranging from glitters to small rhinestones to coloured flakes.

If you're keen on getting extravagant even when you are practising nail art for beginners, then get crazy with these decorations!

9. Nail Stamps

Nail stamping is easy, effective, and of course, extremely convenient.

You can recreate intricate details, and achieve a high peak of precision like never before with nail stamps!

While nail stamping is a bit complex at first, you can master it over time!

Here is a useful guide on how nail stamping works.

How to do Nail Art at Home - A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Cleaning always comes first!

Don’t you want your nails to look all gorgeous after the art is done?

Before you start with your nail art, you should get rid of your old polish in your nails, and any grim/dirt.

Use the right nail polish remover to remove the existing polish and let your hand rest for a few minutes.

Then, you can try exfoliating your hands so that even the least amount of dirt is washed away thoroughly.

Also, cleanliness is not just for your hands, but also for the nail art tools that you will be using! Make sure all your nail art brushes are squeaky clean before you begin!

2. Double-check your tools

Art of all kinds leads to mess more often than not, and nail art is not an exception.

If you are keen on keeping your working space clean, then grab a rag cloth for cleaning up the mess. 

Grab all your materials - the polish remover, clippers, art brushes, base coat, designer pens, stickers, top coat, decorations - and make some room for your art rendezvous!

3. Get ready with the Designs

Sometimes, there is a high chance that you’ll experience a spark of creativity while you are in the midst of creating a new design.

This can be a bit complicated if the idea appears in the middle of your nail art session.

While spontaneity might suit you, it is still better to think of a few ideas for your nail art beforehand.

Take a look at these lovely nail art ideas to get some inspiration!

4. Never forget the Base Coat

Before you move on to the pigmented coat or your shiny designs, make sure to apply a steady base coat.

This will offer protection for your nails while keeping your nail art neat and clean.

The base coat can be a nude colour or any shade of your wish.

Once it is done, get on with your art and go crazy on patterns and colours!

5. Avoid distractions

When you are working on your nails, make sure to avoid any distractions.

Keep any distractions far away from you, put on some soothing music if you like, and settle down with a calm mind.

Even one wrong stroke can spoil the whole work, so we are sure you don’t need a startling ringtone to mess up your art!

6. Top Coat equals shine

After the art is done and dusted, let it dry for a few minutes and then apply a top coat.

As mentioned earlier, the top coat seals off your manicure and preserves the art for a few days longer.

If you are not sure how to apply a top coat to your design without ruining it, then take a look at this guide.

How To Choose Perfect Nail Art Design

One might wonder how to choose the right design for their nail art - well, it is quite understandable, given that there are thousands of ideas spilt all over the internet.

But if you are practising nail art for beginners, then you can start with a few simple ideas and designs before moving on to the complex works.

Here are a few easy nail art designs for beginners!

1. Polka dots are a favourite among many

You can either go for large polka dots in the classic black and white theme or play with the colours and size of the pattern!

2. Contrast is a life-saver

Instead of applying the same pigment to all your fingers, you can apply a contrasting colour in a metallic shade to create a catchy design. Glitters are also a wonderful tool used in contrast.

3. Add sponges to your nail art kit

With the help of a sponge, you can create exquisite designs like gradient shades and intricate details easily.

4. Cello tape for stripes

This is an old-school trick for obtaining perfect stripes on your nails.

Once you have applied a base coat, take small pieces of cello tape and cut them as per your need. 

Before you stick them on your nails, make sure to place them somewhere else on your hands so that they'll lose their stickiness at least to some extent.

From here, you know what to do!

5. Beautiful fishnet design is made easy with a loofah.

Are you envying the perfect fishnet pattern your colleague sported on their nails?

No more worry, here is the guide on how to use your old loofah to make a deadly nail art design!

6. Don't miss out on the stickers

While it might seem like an unoriginal idea, stickers are still one of the best ways of doing nail art.

So, head to your nearest cosmetic store and buy that pack of nail art stickers you have been eyeing!

7. Splash that glitter

Worried about being too shiny? Well, this world needs some glimmer!

Don't hesitate to don glittery nails or to add a few colourful rhinestones to your nail art.

8. Go for the small details.

If you are lazy and not interested in elaborately decorating all of your nails, then focus on just one.

Pour all your creative energy and make that particular one stand out with intricate details!

If you are searching for more simple and easy nail art for beginners, make sure to take a look here!

The Bottom Line

Nail art for beginners is not a very tough task if you know where to start and what to use.

This guide will help you in getting started with nail art at home without much fuss!

Nail art ideas are always changing with the fashion trends, but there are still a few designs that are classics.

Try out the ideas we have suggested and let us know how it went!

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