11+ astonishing Skincare Myths Busted / Debunked For You


It is undeniably true that the beauty world is full of myths and false notions, especially when it comes to the topic of skincare.

That's why we are going to debunk the top skincare myths in this post for you.

In today’s times, everyone wants a natural sheen that celebrities can proudly boast of.

Sometimes, users move heaven and Earth trying everything they can to enhance their skin texture, by way of seeking sage skincare advice or using a plethora of expensive chemical-based beauty products.

They often end up whining about how those things cause more damage than repair.

Thus, with the view to help you distinguish better between fact and fiction, this post is written in order to provide a clear understanding about some top skincare myths you must stop believing so that the perfect and radiant skin you always dreamed about is just a step away from you. 

Myth 1: Sunscreen is only for summer days

One of the best things you can do for the health and happiness of your skin is to apply sunscreen all-round the year and not just in the summer.

Rain or shine, or even while staying indoors, always make sure that you lather yourself up at least twice a day to prevent skin cancer as well as premature aging caused due to harmful sun exposure.

The reason being - Ultraviolet light emanating from the sun is never on a break and is always present in daylight irrespective of the season.

Although the sun’s rays are not very strong during winters and monsoons, putting on a sun protection shield is always a good idea. 

Myth 2: Oily skin does not require moisturizer

Many individuals are of the opinion that moisturizers on oily skin can lead to cracked skin.

Well, that is completely untrue.

However, they do not understand that oily skin can still lack moisture and can appear to be dehydrated.

The same can lead to too much oil production which will excessively compensate for that dehydration.

Using a moisturizer every day can provide satisfactory results. It leaves the skin less oily as it will aid the oil production to restore its balance.

Also, applying a moisturizer not only nourishes the skin and also maintains a soft touch.

Skin experts suggest that a person with oily skin must use a gel-based moisturizer or an oil-free formula.

Myth 3: If retinol causes irritation to the skin, discontinue its use

Retinol can be regarded as a highly acknowledged and used anti-ageing product, but its application carries along with itself some displeasing side effects.

To name some – they are redness, dryness and flaking.

If a person is facing these effects, the solution to the problem is not to discard retinol entirely but limit its frequency of use wisely.

A number of dermatologists hint that when people start using retinol, they must not be surprised for their skin is expected to be dry and irritated.

One of the most important points to remember is that no more than a pea-size amount of content should be used for your entire face.

Myth 4: Only expensive products can save your skin!

It has been noticed that consumer psychology plays a very important role in the purchase of skincare products.

As a result, we bring along some good news for all of the budget-conscious customers out there – it must be understood by people that not all pricey skincare items provide appropriate results while some of their inexpensive counterparts can do wonders.

At the end of the day, it is not the cost but the quality of that product that must be considered.

It is absolutely true that every skin type is different and that it tends to react differently to a different set of ingredients.

It is only wise to choose skincare products that are convenient for the required skin type.

Therefore, not always does expensive equal to being effective.

Myth 5: Scrubbing every day is good for the skin

Yet, we come across another myth that is being followed every day by certain people.

Scrubbing! This action performed on the face every day only contributes to the removal of the natural sebum and softness of the skin.

Moreover, the coarseness of the scrubs can instigate the growth of acne as well as cause a series of random cracks to the skin.

Myth 6: Skin needs a daily dose of exfoliation

Including the act of exfoliating your skin in your daily skincare routine is never looked upon as an advantageous option for either beauty or health.

It is a mere practice of deeply cleansing your skin by way of getting rid of all the dirt and oil accumulated from the pores.

Skin experts exclaim that the skin naturally scraps off dead skin cells once every month.

Needless to say, exfoliating it each day will only work towards damaging the skin and stripping it of its natural oils, thus making it dry and to peel itself off.

Myth 7: Makeup is unhealthy for the skin

While some love the idea of putting on makeup, others fear that it would cause harm to the skin for good.

Well, excess of anything is bad, especially when it comes to chemical based products.

However, if you are acquainted with the unsafe practice of applying makeup on a regular basis and leaving it on your skin for a long span of time, there are a fair amount of chances that your skin pores can get clogged, thus not allowing your skin to breathe properly. 

Nevertheless, we strongly advise our readers to follow a good quality beauty regimen and the application of healthy makeup products.

One must never sleep with their makeup on as it can break down collagen and fasten premature aging.

Myth 8: Only genetics are the reason for skin aging

Of course, there is no doubt at all that genetics serve as an important aspect in a rather complicated process of aging.

However, it is not the only element but the same is also controlled by both intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

It has been monitored by several skin specialists that while genetics plays its part, extrinsic factors are the real deal.

These factors include problems such as sun exposure, pollution, stress and smoking.

Myth 9: Your pores can open and close easily

Can pores open and close like shutters?

Well, that does not work like that! What the mentioned incorrect terminology means to imply is the dilation or stretching out of pores.

This can happen due to age, climate change and heredities as well. Needless to say, dirt and oil also clog the pores.

All these factors can make them appear larger and more prominent with time.

Yes, exfoliation helps in lessening the look of pores but should be carried out with most care. 

A Splash of cold water on the face or rubbing ice helps in opening of the pores.

Myth 10: Tiredness and dark circles go hand in hand

Darkening of the skin under or around the eyes occurs when blood vessels are not flowing efficiently as needed.

It cannot be denied that a severe lack of sleep can definitely worsen the issue, but it is not the only cause.

A deficiency of iron or even insufficiency of oxygen proves to be responsible.

It goes without saying that dark circles occur innately with the on-going length of life.

Myth 11: Higher the SPF in the sunscreen, the better it is

Another mistaken belief in the string of myths is that of sunscreen.

First and foremost, SPF is the abbreviation for Sun Protection Factor.

It must be clearly understood that SPF only determines the product's protection at variance with UVB rays. These rays are the main reason to sunburn.

An example of the same can be witnessed in the difference between an SPF 100 and an SPF 50 pertaining to the subject of UVB protection.

Despite the fact that the results vary, it is very trivial and does not offer to serve as double the barrier.

With the intention of getting the labelled amount of protection, one is required to apply an adequate amount of sunscreen.

This is something that a large number of people do not seem to do.

Myth 12: Toner is the most important part of an acne skin care regimen

While cleansing and moisturizing is non-negotiable component of the skin regimen, toning can still be skipped.

Yes, toners have their own pros and cons. While, they serve as an excellent tool to cleanse the skin off its excess oil after washing, toners may worsen breakouts for a skin type which is prone to acne. 

Originally, toners are generally crafted with alcohols, which can bring in drying effects that deteriorate the quality of the skin.


Thus, having considered all the above points, it is only right to call them nothing but misconceptions.

They are top skincare myths we must stop believing in for the perfect and gorgeous skin.

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